A new version was launched - PrestaShop

This year three new PrestaShop versions were launched in just three months! Today, we will talk about the latest version - PrestaShop because we were very excited when we found out that it was released on March 18, 2022 . Why? You will find the answer in the following paragraphs. 

As you already know, PrestaShop is a platform through which users can create online stores allowing them to sell their products or services to potential customers. These days it is essential for a business to be present in the online environment not just on the offline one. If you have not yet managed to build an online store, PresaShop is the ideal solution to do so. Why? 

First of all, the platform is easy to use, the website is built very easily, you can add different features to it and you can use secure online payment modules. In addition, you can use a multitude of modules to improve the user experience and create memorable marketing campaigns that will generate sales.You can find here an idea of how to integrate the PrestaManiacs modules into your website to create the best marketing campaign.

In 2022 PrestaShop comes with major improvements and new updates for the features of version that we talked about in an old article. These days, the e-commerce platform is used by up to 300.000 websites and it is available in 60 different languages. 

Why should you stay up-to-date with the latest PrestaShop versions?

First of all, you need to ensure that PrestaShop is always updated with the latest version because:

  1. Security reasons - the new versions of PrestaShop contain updates that fix certain security issues so that you will have a much safer website.
  2. Stability reasons - the new version of PrestaShop fixes bugs and other issues so you will have a stable website.
  3. Features reasons - you need to always update your PrestaShop current versions if you want to have access to latest updates, features and functionality. 

What are the new features of PrestaShop

The most important thing to mention is that the version is more stable that the other ones and it provides you a 25% faster page loading. Also, some minor bugs have been fixed: 

Now, you can import & export your content more easily than before! With the new version of PrestaShop comes new features you can use for importing/exporting different types of content like module content, emails, your favorite themes and so on…The reason for this update: this makes the content easy to translate into any language and allows you to expand internationally.

Another important feature: the new version of PrestaShop offers a better user experience. PrestaShop mentions that “user interface kit has been adjusted on the alert colors, font size, buttons and contrast with an enhancement of the responsive”. Also in order to improve the user experience along with version a new Lazy Loading feature has appeared which allows a faster loading of the website up to 28% which means a better SEO experience.

There is an easier way to manage your stores. With the help of the new customizable header you can quickly figure out the store/group of stores that you are in. This new feature allows you to save time and also to avoid errors. 

How to update the new version?

You can update the new PrestaShop version in 2 ways. The first one is more easy and automated, all you need to do is to use the 1-Click Upgrade Module and your PrestaShop version will be upgraded to the latest one in just a few clicks. 

If you encounter any problems with the upgrade module, manual update is possible. More detailed information here


Upgrading your Prestashop to the latest version might contain new or enhanced features, as well as improved compatibility with other devices or Prestashop Modules, in addition to security fixes. They can also make your shop more stable by removing old functionality.