Prestashop – The latest major version was launched!

Prestashop announced in December 2020 the most wanted news about the latest version – It was launched! Even if this release was scheduled for the first part of the year 2020, PrestaShop lovers were excited enough about its features and performances to overlook this delay.

What’s the news, Prestashop

First of all, it is important to mention that a lot of bugs have been fixed in the latest version, to be more specific – 160 bugs – compared with its older version, where the number of bugs fixed was around 110. Among these bugs were fixed 11 highly expected bugs, 5 front office problems, and 5 back-office issues. Another significant improvement is the support for PHP 7.3 brought by this new version.

Go international much easier

Because Prestashop is an international solution for the e-commerce sphere, version is also, about removing more international barriers and helping merchants to reach more customers. The fuzzy search is the feature that can make this internationalization much easier and more possible. How? It uses a new search algorithm that takes into consideration misspellings and error inputs.

Also, for meeting the customer expectations anywhere in the world, now can be added new official and non-official currencies to store and customize the display per language as the merchants, please.

Level of productivity? Increased!

Prestashop is not just about going international much more easily, it is also about an increased level of productivity for e-commerce owners. The new features of the order page and their full redesign are very helpful for merchants to find information quickly, while the new features allow a better efficiency on daily tasks and avoid back and forth between pages. The interface is more intuitive and easy to use it.

What about Prestashop

Although came with a lot of improvements and fixed bugs, there is always room for improvement, so a month later was launched version – which was meant to fix a wide series of previous bugs. To be more specific, this maintenance release fixes 41 regressions reported on version

To benefit from these latest bug fixes, it is recommended to upgrade your e-commerce platform now. It can be done very quickly and you can rest at ease because modules & themes which worked fine on will work just as well with