Evolution of food delivery. 5 PrestaShop modules to increase your sales

In the age of speed, food delivery has become one the most thriving industries. People are more focused on productive time and prefer to relax without spending time cooking. The pandemic situation made this phenomenon more visible. If you have a food delivery business or plan to start one, this article is just for you. We will walk through 5 modules that will boost your business and optimize your website.

1. Manufacturer or supplier alphabetical search Module

Visuals are the first thing that is able to convince prospects to order. The aspect of the products is the first sight that customers get, so it’s very important to have a clean layout. If your products are presented in the best way possible, this module will help your customers to find the food they want faster. Now, it is much easier to find and to filter the results by producer or by restaurant or by type of cuisine.

You can decide whether to display the results in a new page or in a pop-up. Users will see them in alphabetical order by columns and by clicking on a specific manufacturer or supplier to land on their product list.

2. Discounts

The best price for every consumer is the discounted price. And let’s be honest, who doesn't love discounts? Promotions create engagement and they increase the average cart value. Using Loyalty coupons/ Discounts vouchers  you will boost impulsive purchases, but at the same time you will be offered a tool to bring your customers back to your business by offering some vouchers. This means you will be able to create some sort of loyalty to your business.  So how does it work?

This module allows you to customize the discounts by specific product, by category or by value of cart. You can create unlimited discounts and create automatic vouchers for future orders. This is an excellent way to promote your business and to keep your kitchen empty. Food and discounts go together like cream soup and croutons. 

3. Group order

It is said that food tastes better when eaten in a group. Socializing during eating increases the satisfaction of food eating, which is why big brands are advertising in this sense (e.g. Coca Cola is best served with family dinners). This is the reason you must have a order in group module.

Using this module allows customers to initiate a group order, to send a link to other people so that they can join the group order, and permits tracking for every participant. As every proper food application, the order receives real time status updates such as: order confirmed, order in preparation or order delivered. As an admin, you will be able to observe group orders in a separate tab in admin’s dashboard and use the generated date to personalize offers or create special discounts.

4. Reviews

A good recommendation is worth more than 5 ads run on TV as it generates an instant sale. Reviews bring value to every item, it provides a social proof that encourages customers to trust you and your products/services. Almost 90% of shoppers  read reviews before purchasing. It doesn’t matter from who they come from, they increase trustworthiness of the site.

With the Store Reviews+Product Reviews module you will be able to send a feedback request via email, to all the people that have placed an order on your website. You can ask for custom reviews (either for the whole store or for a specific product). You will have full control over the left comments, you can reply to them, or pin some of them. Moreover, this module has the option to use reviews as snippets for your site.

5. Tracking of orders

Tracking the order is a must have feature for all the food ordering websites. When a person is hungry, they need to see the exact time when they will be able to eat. Estimated Delivery V3 module is the perfect module for your food delivery business. This amazing module has the option to show the approximate time of delivery of a meal, before adding it to cart.

By using this module, you will increase the trust of your customers.

As an extra feature, you will be able to customize style, format and color of the shown time. And the best part is that you can do it without any single code edited.

Wrap up

Food delivery industry has become more and more competitive, so your main focus should be customer experience. As you may see, there are a lot of modules you can use to customize the user experience on your site. These are the basic modules you have to consider using in order to build a strong reputation and increase revenue.

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