Is your PrestaShop ecommerce ready for 2022?

Must-have PrestaShop modules & functionalities for this year

2022 is here, but is your site ready to make the transition?

When building a website, the first question that comes to mind is “Can you have it all?”. Well, with PrestaShop, you can have it all…and a little bit more!

To ease your job, we took care of procedures and maintenance, so you can focus on development and improve your time to market. We've put together a list of must-haves PrestaShop modules that have been specially designed to help you achieve your goals!

Top must-haves PrestaShop modules for this year:

1.Order Tracking Progress Bar Module

This module adds to the Order Details Page, a Customizable Progress Bar that will inform your customers about the state of the Order Delivery Process, to make tracking the order much easier. 

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers, picture them with their noses pressed against the window, waiting impatiently for their package to arrive, but they don’t know anything about the day or hour the delivery will be made. That sucks and we don’t want that for them, right? 

You can change that by adding the Order Tracking Progress Bar module, which can be found here: Order Tracking Progress Bar Module

2. Egg Hunter Module

Make browsing your site an enjoyable experience with one PrestaShop plugin that will engage your customers!

This module allows you to interact more with your clients and give them bonuses for many reasons. For example, time of navigation on the site, products viewed and others. The more they navigate on the site, the more time spent on it increases.

During website navigation, you set the rules of where the icon appears. For example, on a specific page of products, after clicking a certain number of products/categories. Thus, your customers will see more products and this increases the interest to buy. To be more specific, it will grow your sales.

And the very best part? You are in total charge of it, setting the rules as you like! You can find the PrestaShop plugin by clicking here: Egg Hunter Module 

3. Flash SALES Page Builder PRO-Black Friday PrestaShop Module

Landing on the moon was fun and all, but with your help, customers can land on the biggest sales ever with this PrestaShop addon! 

Flash Sales Page Builder PRO is developed to set the focus on your SALES with its eye-catching design and powerful customization options. 

The module comes out of the box with many usable landing pages for sales with custom colors banners, badges, relevant to the most common sales. You can easily change your homepage with a sales-oriented landing page that automatically adds your discounted products, just by selecting them or their categories. 

The landing pages are 100% customizable and you can save your own templates once you create them.

Find the PrestaShop addon right here: Flash SALES Page Builder PRO-Black Friday PrestaShop Module

4. PrestaShop Klaviyo Integration Module

We search products for hours, we add them to the cart and then…what? We forget about them or that we even searched on that website. This is the life cycle of a customer and results in an unhappy seller and a customer without a product that he needs.

With this PrestaShop module, you can have real time analysis of clients, audience insights and personalization possibilities that you’ll discover. You can sync important metrics, or key customer activities, in just a few minutes.  

Can you imagine having the flexibility, scalability and top performance in the industry at your fingertips? Well, with Klaviyo you can.

Start your new journey here: PrestaShop Klaviyo Integration Module

5. TikTok Pixel PRO: Events Tracking + Products Catalog Feed

When we talk about technology, automatically we assume that we talk about a continuous process of changes and upgrades. If you want to be a leader on the market, you have to keep up and offer a broad spectrum of services to your customers.

If you’re planning on running TikTok ads and want to retarget users who’ve visited your website or app, you must have this PrestaShop plugin.

The TikTok Pixel PRO is a powerful measurement tool that tracks your TikTok ads' impact on your website. This clever module enables you to monitor sales, user activity, and find the right audience for your ads.

Create Dynamic Showcase Ads based on the products in your store, promoting and retargeting potential customers to increase purchase intent. You can synchronize in real time the products from your store in the product catalog from the TikTok platform.

It's easily settings allow you to enjoy the benefits of it, without complications. All you have to do is to save the Pixel ID in a field and save the Module Settings.

You can find the module here: TikTok Pixel PRO: Events Tracking + Products Catalog Feed

6. Postis Carrier Integration Module

Postis is one of the most popular delivery optimization platform. It helps you to manage in the same place the entire delivery chain, from home delivery options, pickup points delivery, returns due to customer refusals or back to service, cash on delivery, all of these with real-time monitoring and control.

With this PrestaShop module, you will reduce the costs of deliveries, automate your processes, increase the sales and the customer satisfaction.

Stay ahead of your competition, adapt, diversify and grow with Postis Carrier Integration Module.

You can find it here: Postis Carrier Integration Module