The Best Easter Campaign using Egg Hunter Module

Easter is coming so you need to focus all your attention on creating a successful marketing campaign if you want a big number of leads.

During this period, you must focus your attention on the customer, on his needs and wishes, as well as on his purchasing experience. Egg Hunter is the perfect module that ensures increased sales on the site and customer loyalty.

Egg Hunter Module

What is the Egg Hunter module?

The purpose of this module is to improve the user's interaction with your website. Based on the gamification principle, the module allows the insertion on the website of rules that the user must follow in order to win the big prize (such as discount, free transport, etc.).

Egg Hunter Module

Does the Egg Hunter module increase the sales?

The PrestaShops’s module can help you to customize your online store, increase traffic, improve conversion rates and build customer loyalty. Overall, with the PrestaShop module your marketing process will be better.

You can optimize your ecommerce to create the best user experience. UX is all about the sales, so it is a vital process to look for in your campaign. UX strengthens your relationship with the customers. If they have a bad experience on the website, they will no longer return to your store, so you have increased the chance that the customers will not return to your ecommerce store and they will buy from competitors. User experience is the key to measuring the conversion rate.

With the help of a good UX, the company will have a good ROI, so your investment in the store will generate a measurable value for the company. You must constantly invest in the website, be aware of all trends on the market as consumers appreciate this. When you invest in new software solutions it is much easier to discover the needs of your customer. 

Each $1 invested in user interaction returns up to $100.

How does the Egg Hunter module work?

Egg Hunter Module

You can use the Egg Hunter module for any type of campaign because the icon can be changed to any image from the gallery. As Easter is coming, I will use this holiday to explain to you how the Egg Hunter Module works. 

You can hide images with Easter eggs on any page of your website. When the user will navigate on the website the flying egg will appear on the screen to indicate that he has earned a prize. When the user clicks on the egg, a pop-up will appear in the current window where he will need to enter certain information (such as phone number, email) in order to be able to receive the prize.

You can implement the Egg Hunter module in 3 ways:

  1. Nr. of visited products and categories - you will set a maximum number of products/services that the user will need to visit to be able to win the prize. 

  2. Certain products or categories - you will set the pages or the product/service categories on which the egg appears.

  3. Time spent on the site - the user will be able to see the egg only if he has spent a certain amount of time on the site.

The best campaign idea using Egg Hunter Module

The Egg Hunter module helps you increase customers' awareness of the products/services you offer through your website because after the hunting process the user will see a wide range of products/services and unconsciously will consider that he needs them. 

The egg hunting process is based on the gamification. Our brain tends to be much too confident in any situation. This also applies to the Egg Hunter module - the user knows that by navigating through the site, sooner or later he will find the flying egg and win the prize. Customers will be curious to find the hidden gift so this action will increase your time spent on the website.

You should try this:

At this point your main purpose is to keep the user “captive” on the website as long as possible. How can you do that? Well, urge him to act! Action calls are messages that are generally presented as a button and they are the purpose to encourage users to do a particular action. Of course, to be effective, they must be placed in visible places, have an attractive design and a very clear and direct text message.

In our case the call-to-action will be created on the basis of the "Try Again!" technique. You do not give him the chance that from the first click on a particular egg the user wins the prize. Urge him to look for Easter eggs on the site and at a certain moment his lucky egg will appear.


The Egg Hunter module allows you to improve user interaction, to give him different rewards according to certain criteria. The more pleasant the user interaction with your website is, the more you will experience financial growth.

Now let’s see what the Egg Hunter Module can do in the real world for your business!

Egg Hunter Module
We present you one amazing module that will engage your customers. Egg Hunter is a new captivating way to interact with users on your website. Egg Hunter brings gamification on your website and boosts User Experience....
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