Advanced Highlighted Coupons / Discounts Module

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Bring out and get the most out of your coupons, discounts and promotions, every time you launch a new collection, announce a special offer, or during Christmas/Black Friday/Easter campaigns. Scale up your e-commerce website and boost your sales with our full-management module dedicated for promotions, discounts & coupons.

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PrestaShop Compatibility
v1.7 & v8
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This module will emphasize to your customers the latest coupons, discounts and promotions available in your PrestaShop online store. Increase engagement and connect with your shop visitors using this module. You will have full management control to customize everything related to marketing promotions, special offers (free delivery, free gifts, discount codes - vouchers) or any other important messages.

What this module does for you

  • increase customers engagement
  • increase traffic volume
  • scale up your sales
  • personalize promotions
  • promote your products
  • special promotions page
  • good for special sales, flash sales, holiday sales, product launch events

This module increases the visibility of your products in a delicate way and makes them more attractive to your clients by using discounts/coupons. Now you can use promotions directly in 3 possible ways:

Top Banner

For sure your clients will love to interact with your online shop, knowing all your available discounts. The received notifications will allow your customers to be always informed about your promotions.


It’s a fact that pop-ups have a higher conversion rate on mobile devices. Taking into consideration that the promotion message it's already appealing enough, you will boost the users engagement and the cart final value by using this module.

Dedicated Page

You can create a special page for all discounts and offers available at a specific time. For example, in the Black Friday/Christmas/New Year ‘s sales peak, this special discount page will increase the overall profit by helping your customers to find the available promotions more easily.

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Latest Update
PrestaShop Compatibility
v1.7 & v8
Module Version