Egg Hunter Module

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We present you one amazing module that will engage your customers. Egg Hunter is a new captivating way to interact with users on your website. Egg Hunter brings gamification on your website and boosts User Experience. Personalize the icon according to the period of sales and set rules for it.

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PrestaShop Compatibility
v1.6 & v1.7
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What does Prestashop Egg Hunter Module for you

  • increase customers engagement
  • increase traffic volume
  • scale up your sales
  • good for special sales, flash sales, holiday sales, product launch events

This module allows you to interact more with your customers and give them bonuses for many reasons. For example, time of navigation on the site, products viewed and others. The more they navigate on the site, the more time spent on it increases.

During website navigation, you set the rules of where the icon appears. For example, on a specific page of products, after clicking a certain number of products/categories. Thus, your customers will see more products and this increases the interest to buy. To be more specific, it will grow your sales.

Also, another cool setting is that you can set the probability of the “egg” to be seen*. How does it work? For instance, you can set a chance of 10% for this icon to appear, if the condition is met. If you want to be always visible, just write 100% in the required field.

One of the main advantages for you is collecting new emails fast and easily, because only logged in persons can win a prize. So, you create a new database effortlessly.

What your customers will like

  • The customers will like the unexpected ”egg” that will appear on the page, they will be curious to find out that it means, thus increase time spent on website
  • Add unique value to your site that will entertain the users. Around 80% of millennials prefer to get prizes for their engagement with the site. Therefore, it’s recommended to include gamification in the loyalty strategy so this module brings a competitive advantage.
  • Possibility to win some prizes like discounts or free products (default discounts rules in the shop)
  • Random fun thing, if your audience consists mainly of young people, it is the perfect way to connect with them more through this game. Sometimes, it’s good to have something extra, besides your main products, of course, if the field of your business allows you to do it.
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Latest Update
PrestaShop Compatibility
v1.6 & v1.7
Module Version